Smaakt naar Muziek I

On 1st November 2012

in the rustic surroundings of Dokhuis Galerij, Amsterdam-Oost

our inaugural event celebrated the colours and flavours of autumn. The night began with a seasonal vegetarian 2-course meal followed by a programme of freshly composed works for the event.

Menu and Programme

Traditional Mexican Bean Soup

Butternut Pumpkin Soup

Vocalise 3′
Irini tzanetoulakou (contralto)

Aria of the Bellybutton 7′
Irini tzanetoulakou (contralto), Victoria Davies (harp)

Unfettered 8-10′
Sarah Jeffery (recorder), Bart de Kater (clarinet), Lotte Pen (sax), Katya Woloshyn (viola), Carmen Bruno (cello), Victoria Davies (harp), Anne Veinberg (piano) and Anthony Dunstan (megaphone)

Gradil de Carybé 11′
Victoria Davies (harp)

tic 10′
Sarah Jeffery (amplified paetzold contrabass and tape

The Mill Song 10′
Sarah Jeffrey (clogs), Felipe Ignacio Noriega (live electronics)