Smaakt naar Muziek

About Smaakt naar Muziek

Composers Anthony Leigh Dunstan & Felipe Ignacio Noriega organise SnM to bring new music closer to the audiences, especially audiences that are not regular art consumers. With SnM we help decentralise new music from the traditional podia, and inject the neighbourhoods with the culture, joy and passion that both music and food can bring.


Smaakt naar Muziek organises, in coproduction with cafés and restaurants in Amsterdam, on-location events where the marrying of contemporary music and rustic cuisine create an attractive and rich experience for audiences. In our events, pieces from emerging international composers are premiered and performed under one condition: the makers of the music are also the makers of the food. After all, we love to compose and we love to cook. So why not do both!

Contact Smaakt naar Muziek

Muziekgebouw aan ’t IjJ
Piet Heinkade 1
019 BR, Amsterdam

Anthony +31645229379
Felipe +31684291066

Upcoming Event

17 April 2016
 - SnM V

Dwaze Zaken eetcafe
modern band concert
incl. 3-course
Limited entrance
book online before Friday 15th April!